Daniil Tiganov


Computing Science undergraduate student at the University of Alberta. Working at the Maple lab under Dr. Karim Ali during the summer of 2019.

About me

I was born in Chisinau, Moldova, and my family immigrated to Canada in 2004. I grew up in small farming town in North-Eastern Saskatchewan. During my childhood, I spent just as much time behind a computer as I did working with my hands; whether it was working on cars with my dad, landscaping, or working on construction projects. I graduated high school in 2016, and moved to Edmonton to study at the University of Alberta.

Research area

I am interested in static analysis tools that can be deployed and used by developers in the industry. I put high priority in making software usable and maintainable. I believe the majority of research done in the field of static analysis is impractical from the industry point of view. Many frameworks and tools are developed but most never make it past the prototype stage. Many researchers simply don’t care if their tool contributes to the industry. This is evident by poor (or a complete lack of) artifacts and hard to reproduce data in many published papers in the research area. I want the tools I work on to be well documented and easy to build, use, and integrate into developers workflows and development processes.